Chlorinated Paraffin-70

Chlorinated Paraffin-70 is white or pale yellow solid powder. It's chemical structure is almost completely saturated and It has the following properties fine fire-retardan, chemical reagent resistance, compatibility, antideteriorant and heat stabilization. So it's an additive fire-retardant of fine general performance.

2.Quality Indexe

White or pale yellow powder(or granular)
Size(mesh)(95%) 40
Chlorine Content(%) 71-74
Softening Point(℃) 95~105,105~115
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) < 0.1
Moisture(%) < 0.1
Heat decomposition Temperature(℃) > 210
Carbon Tetrachloride(PPM) < 2
Thermal stability (%, 175℃, 4 Hrs) < 0.1

It is extensively used rubber and plastic goods as fire-retardant for fire-retardant cable, fireproof coating, polyester, ABS, polystyrene and epoxy resin etc. It can also be used as fireproof additives for printing ink and modifier for papermarking industry. It is used in other industries such as fiber industry as plasticity agent and surface treatment agent for fabric etc.

4.Package and Storage
Antisum, damp-proof and preventing overheating are required during storage.
Krapt paper bags with PE Lined insidec vet weight:25KG
Bulk bags(Net weight:500KG or 1000KG)

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